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Tips & Advice

When considering what to bring with you for your trip, remember that less is more. You won't want to be hauling several large suitcases around with you through airports, train stations etc, so it is recommended that you try and limit your self to a suitcase and a small day bag each. This will make it easier for the luggage transfer aspect of your trip. If you are planning on carrying your own gear in panniers it is particularly important that you limit what you plan on travelling with.

Please note that most, if not all of the accommodation providers will be able to wash your cycling gear for you overnight. If you have your phone, your wallet or purse, and you identification you will never be in trouble. If you feel that you have forgotten anything we will be able to direct you to a bike shop. That being said, we have compiled a list of items that you may find useful to bring with you. Remember to check the weather forecast before you travel. What you will need in Sicily in July will differ greatly from Ireland in April!

Recommended bike wear

  1. “Layering” is the best option. Tops with full-length zippers are a good idea.
  2.  Cycling shorts / shorts.
  3.  Sweat pants / joggers.
  4.  Cycling gloves.
  5.  Leg and arm warmers
  6.  Two or three cycling jerseys or T-shirts – one with long sleeves.
  7.  Lightweight windproof jacket.
  8.  Visibility Vest.
  9.  Cycling shoes or training shoes with rigid soles.
  10.  Sports socks.
  11.  Raingear – Gore-Tex or similar “breathable” material is best.
  12.  Helmet
  13.  Sunglasses.

Recommended off-bike wear

  1.  Casual Clothing for evening wear
  2.  Sweater
  3.  Swimwear
  4.  Sunhat
  5.  Shoes
  6.  Hiking shoes or boots – if the idea of a bit of walking appeals to you.
  7.  Sleepwear.


  1.  Any current medications and a prescription
  2.  Sun screen and lip balm
  3.  Insect repellent
  4.  Travel plug adaptor
  5.  Day sac
  6.  Ziplock bags
  7.  Travel Guide
  8. Phone with suitable data plan


  1.  Passport (if required) or other identification
  2.  Plane / train / ferry tickets
  3.  Credit card
  4.  Insurance documents