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Self-Guided Tours

Basic Tour Cost

This is the cost per person sharing. The cost includes the following (unless stated otherwise)

  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Pre-trip planner
  • Routes in the form of highlighted maps and cue sheets
  • Regional Handbook
  • Telephone support
  • Meet and greet (if you are renting bicycles)

Single Accommodation Supplement

This is the extra charge for single room occupancy

Optional Additions

  • Bicycle Rental
    The rental charge listed for a self-guided itinerary relates to a standard bike for the duration of the tour. The relevant Rental Bicycles page has full details of the standard rental bikes and of any available rental upgrades, including any additional charges for these.

  • Luggage Transfers ( * are you sure that you really need them?)
    Luggage transfer charges are calculated as follows:

    The standard charge is based on one or two riders.  A couple would therefore share the luggage transfer costs.  There is then a small additional fee for the third and each additional person.
    For example:

    1. Total cost for one or two riders = 220 (110 per person based on two people sharing)     
    2. Total cost for three riders = 220 + 20= 240 (80 per person)
    3. Total cost for four riders = 220 + 20 + 20 = 260 (65 per person)

Note that the more riders in the group, the less expensive are the luggage transfers per rider.

* Luggage transfers - do you really need them??

With particular regard to the environment we would encourage clients to consider carefully whether they want to avail of our luggage transfer service.

Luggage transfers between accommodations are offered as an option on the Iron Donkey self-guided tours. Transfers (for which we generally use local taxi firms) are a relatively expensive component of self-guided tours, particularly for solos or couples. However, two-night stopovers, which are a feature of the Iron Donkey tours, reduce the number of transfers needed. As group numbers rise, luggage transfer costs per person fall.

The alternative to having your baggage moved between accommodations is to limit it to what you really need and to carry it with you in panniers on the bike (you will need to do this on linear route days only). If you have never biked with panniers, you will be pleasantly surprised. The additional weight produces very little effect either on the handling of the bicycle or on the rate at which you travel. There is also a certain amount of satisfaction and a liberating sense of independence to be gained from packing your own gear. If you do choose this option, and you have extra baggage that you do not need for the biking trip, we can arrange to move this from your trailhead (starting) town to your destination (finishing) town. .

Airport Transfers

We can arrange airport transfers to and from your accommodation should you need them.  Enquire about them when you are making a booking and we can give you a quote, or advice on making your own way there should it make more sense.

Miscellaneous charges

These are specific to individual regions and may include such things as helmet rental, pannier rental, cell phone rental etc .

Guided Group Tours

  1. Cost per person sharing. This cost includes everything as detailed in the itinerary for the tour.
  2. Single accommodation supplement (if applicable).
  3. If you book as a group of 4 or more, we offer a 5% discount on the tour price.
  4. If you have previously been on an Iron Donkey tour (either guided or self-guided) we offer a 5% discount on the tour price.

In the unlikely event that we have fewer than 4 participants signed up for a tour, we offer you the following choices:

  • a self-guided tour following the same itinerary and using the same accommodations with a partial refund .
  • an alternative guided group itinerary
  • any of our self-guided itineraries with a refund of any difference in cost.
  • a full refund.

Custom Group Tours

There are several factors that govern the pricing of a custom group tour. Costs can be divided into shared and individual elements.

Shared elements are costs that are divided between the riders in the group - the cost per rider for each of these elements drop as the number of riders in the group increases. Examples of shared costs include sag support, luggage transfers and airport transfers.

Individual elements are those that are incurred per rider and are basically independent of the number of riders. They include accommodation and meal costs, bike rental, ferry tickets, entrance charges to attractions etc.

We work closely with the group leader to devise a suitable itinerary that falls within the proposed budget range. A custom group tour will offer substantial savings when compared with a similar tour booked by individuals.

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