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Bicycles and Equipment


Bicycles and EquipmentYou have the option to rent a bicycle or to bring your own bike for your Iron Donkey tour. Most of our clients choose to rent bicycles and /or equipment. While the specific rental bicycles may vary from tour region to tour region, you will be provided with a high quality, well maintained and fully serviced bike whatever destination you choose.

In most regions there is a choice of style (hybrid or road) and a wide range of frame sizes. Most rental outlets also stock tandems, mixte (step-through) frames, children’s bikes and tag-a-longs and/or trailers for very young children.

Rental bicycles come with a range of included and optional equipment.

For the specifications of the bicycles and equipment that are available to rent in a specific tour, go to that region and click on the Rental Bicycles link.

Bringing your own

If you choose to bring your own bike, and you are travelling by air, then you will probably need to box it.

We will advise on the options for getting your bike to and from the trailhead. We can also provide or arrange transfers for you and your bike to and from the tour region - the cost of transfers depends upon the distance and the number of passengers. We can store your bike box during your tour and have it delivered to your final accommodation.