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Excellent accommodations are an integral and vital aspect of the overall tour experience. High on the list of priorities come scenic and tranquil locations. Besides the obvious prerequisites of comfort, cleanliness, and good food, we focus on facilities such as en-suite bathrooms, secure storage for bikes, internet access, and convenient local services. We also seek out helpful hosts who are sympathetic to the specific needs of cyclists and who have a detailed knowledge of their local area – a knowledge that they are keen to share with their guests.

Accommodations for Self-Guided tours

The precise nature of the “standard” accommodations for the self-guided tours varies from region to region. We favour smaller, more intimate family-run establishments (guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and Accommodationsfamily run hotels) that boast local character and flavour. We have long standing relationships with most of the providers – and you will find them to be helpful and informative. The accommodations are always located within easy walking distance of the local amenities (restaurants, pubs, shops etc).

When you check out a region on the Iron Donkey website you can view a selection of the accommodations that we use in that region. We normally patronize two or three different accommodations in each trailhead or staging town.

If your tour is a celebration a special event – an anniversary, or honeymoon, for example – or if you just want to pamper yourself, you can choose to upgrade one or more of your accommodations as a special treat. You can request details of possible upgrades for each region and then choose from the list. We will incorporate your choices into your itinerary.

In some regions it is also possible to choose more simple and basic accommodations (for those on a tighter budget).

Accommodation for Guided Group Tours

For our guided group tours we generally opt for small to medium-sized family run hotels. Comfort, charm, good food and local character are our most important requirements. You can view the specific accommodations for a particular tour by going to the website and following the links to that tour.

Accommodation for Custom Group Tours

We can tailor the accommodations to match your requirements. You can specify any level and style of accommodation that is available in your chosen tour region. We are always ready to discuss your preferences and to advise you of the different options.