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Western Sicily Bicycle Tours


The ancient name for Sicily was Trinacria – the three-cornered island. Each part of the island has its own history and character, contributing to a varied and complex whole.

The history of Sicily can be traced back more than 2000 years, during which time it has been dominated by many different rulers – Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spanish – with each succeeding culture leaving its unique indelible mark on the island.

The extremes of the Sicilian climate have shaped the landscape. Verdant coasts abound while in the arid interior hilltop-perched villages are surrounded by barren uplands which burst into flowery glory every spring.

Western Sicily has been particularly exposed to influences from differing colonizing civilizations. The Phoenicians settled in Mozia and founded harbours at Palermo. They were followed by the Greeks and then the Arabs who began their conquest at Marsala.

With the magnificent ruins of Segesta and Selinunte, the west is well endowed with ancient archaeological fascination. The splendid medieval towns of Cefalu and Erice are delightful, while in the interior are villages where the passage of time seems to have been suspended – especially in the Madonie Mountains. For lovers of natural history, the off shore Egadi Islands and the Zingaro Reserve between Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo are of particular interest.

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Map of the Region

You may find it helpful to view and print off a copy of the regional map and cross reference with the description.

Western Sicily Bicycle Tours