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Umbria Bicycle Tours


The patchwork fields, picturesque hill towns and undulating topography of Umbria and Le Marche are classically Italian.

Umbria, christened the Green Heart of Italy, comprises expanses of gentle pastoral countryside that carpet wide river valleys and high mountains that tower above them. The region has more than its share of fabulous medieval hill towns, with Assisi, home to St Francis, being the best known. Umbria’s real heart however is to be found in the smaller towns such as Spoleto and Spello and in the countless tiny rural villages and hamlets that dot the valleys and perch on the hillsides.

The hilly countryside of Southern Umbria rises to the peaks of Monti Sibillini towards the eastern fringes. The river Nera flows along the edge of the beautiful Valerina. In the west the pale tufa soil and the high ridges of Orvieto signal the land of the Etruscans.

Bordering Umbria to the east, Le Marche (march means border) occupies the part of central Italy that lies between the Appenine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea - an enchanting mix of old hill towns, hill country and sandy beaches. The region’s historical peak was reached in the 15th century under Frederico da Montefeltro, whose court at Urbino became one of Europe’s most important cultural centres. The hilly interior offers a real experience of unspoilt Italy.

Umbrians celebrate everything from Renaissance painters to Roman coins to olive oil. The province hosts more manifestazioni - festivals, concerts, parades, fairs, medieval tournaments etc than any other Italian region – and that means a lot of festivals!

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Map of the Region

You may find it helpful to view and print off a copy of the regional map and cross reference with the description.

Umbria and Le Marche Biking Routes