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Self Guided Tours

Self-guided itineraries offer a substantial degree of independence and lots of flexibility with regard to start Self Guided Toursdate and duration.

The basic self-guided tour comprises your routes and accommodations (with breakfast), your pre-trip planner, regional handbook and a route pack with your routes (including all route options) in the form of highlighted maps, cue sheets and route notes. If you are renting bicycles from the Iron Donkey there is a meet, greet and equipment fitting by an Iron Donkey representative at the trailhead at the start of your tour. On call support is provided throughout your trip.

Options include bike and equipment rental and luggage transfers during the tour and airport transfers to and from the start and finish points.

While previous bike touring experience is not essential, you should be a capable cyclist. Ideally, you (or someone in your party) should be competent in basic bicycle mechanics (changing a flat, putting the chain back on the chainrings, checking and tightening nuts and bolts etc.).

Having decided upon your tour region you can choose from a range of standard itineraries of varying duration (7 nights, 10 nights, 14 nights etc). Alternatively, you can design your own itinerary, and we will build your tour to your specifications.

*Scheduled Self-Guided Tours

On selected self-guided tours we offer some scheduled departures which may be of interest to those looking for travelling companions. All participants on a particular scheduled self-guided tour will follow the same routes on the same days – and will stay in the same accommodations on some or all of the tour nights. The initial tour briefing provides the opportunity to meet the others on the tour – you can decide on a day-to-day basis whether to team up for the rides or whether to do your own thing.

Another advantage of the scheduled self-guided tours is that the luggage transfer option is less expensive for solos and couples than would be the case for the corresponding unscheduled itinerary.

You can view a list of scheduled self-guided tours here.

For information about the difficulty of a particular tour you can follow the day-to-day guide, where you can check the distances and elevation gains for any ride.  Should you require any advice about which tour might suit your ability levels please feel free to ask us.

Regions offering Self Guided Tours

We offer Self Guided Tours in the following regions;

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