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Iron Donkey regionsOur Bicycle Touring Regions

We seek out regions that can tick all the boxes below:

Superb scenery

The best bicycle tours are designed around superb scenery and magnificent landscapes. All the Iron Donkey tours explore regions of outstanding natural beauty.

Spectacular, safe riding

We build our routes on scenic roads that have good surfaces and carry low volumes of traffic. We also make use of bike paths and signed bike routes wherever possible.

Attractions and sites of interest

Very few riders want to spend the whole day on the bike, no matter how enjoyable the riding! En route distractions (ancient churches, stately houses, beautiful gardens, castles, museums, craft centres etc) offer a welcome excuse for a spell out of the saddle.

Iron Donkey regionsAttractive, interesting towns and villages

Tour regions are accessed through the trailhead towns, which together with the staging towns form the start and finish points of the individual biking routes. Besides providing your accommodation, your evening meal, essential services and (if you have the energy) your evening entertainment, you will discover that these towns and villages are also very pleasant places in which to relax, to stroll around, to meet the locals and to get a sense of the culture and identity of the region.

Excellent accommodations

Our accommodation selections are crucial to the overall tour experience (see the section on Accommodations).

Easy accessibility

For most regions it is possible to reach the trailhead from the nearest international airport in less than half a day's travel by train or bus - and often in a much shorter time. Taking into account the fact that some Iron Donkey riders choose to bring their own bikes, we Iron Donkey regionsendeavour to make travel to and from the region (with or without bikes) as hassle-free as possible. Your trip planner will provide full details of options for getting to and from your tour.

En-route services

When we design the biking routes we factor in the desirability of en-route services such as shops, pubs and cafes, allowing you plenty of opportunities to stop for a cup of coffee, relax over a pub or restaurant lunch, or pick up the ingredients for a picnic.

Bicycle rental outlets / bicycle shops

Iron Donkey tours cater for both those who choose to bring their own bicycles and those who choose to rent. In some regions we ourselves provide the rental bikes and equipment, while in others we sub-contract this facility. Every tour region will have one or more outlets for quality rental bikes and equipment. Bicycle shops are useful for those who bring their own bikes - for spares, repairs and for that essential item that you have forgotten to pack.

Alternative activities

Tour regions offer a variety of alternative activities for those who would like to take an occasional day - or half day - out of the saddle. Hiking, golfing, fishing, horse riding and sea kayaking are just some of the possibilities that might appeal to you.