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Northwest Ireland


This sparsely populated territory straddling the south west of Ulster and the North East of Connaught is one of Ireland’s real gems - an unspoiled landscape of lakes and rivers, steep-sided gorges, forest-clothed mountains and atmospheric moorland. William Butler Yeats, Ireland’s most celebrated poet, took the inspiration for many of his best-known works from the region.

Towering cliffs, deserted beaches and rocky headlands abound along the rugged coast of Donegal, a county which incorporates some of Ireland’s wildest scenery. To the south Sligo, steeped in prehistory and Celtic myth has a wonderful legacy of ancient monuments and natural beauty. Sligo’s finest landscapes are found inland where lakes lie in the hollows of brooding mountains. Here you can enjoy real peace and tranquillity, far away from the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life. The Shannon-Erne waterway stretches the length of the county.

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Map of the Region

You may find it helpful to view and print off a copy of the regional map and cross reference with the description.

Northwest Ireland Biking Routes