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Northwest Ireland Self-Guided Bike Touring Itineraries

Tour Nights Rating Start /
Start Dates
Yeats Country NWISG7
Boyle / Boyle
any day mid Apr through mid Oct
This tour is built around wide-open spaces, peace and tranquillity - and scenery to die for - in a region that is one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets. Many of the tiny roads followed by the routes are free of traffic, and at times you will ride for miles without seeing another living soul. Some of the very best vistas (of which there are many!) require a bit of elevation, so be prepared for a bit of climbing on some routes.
Yeats Country & South Donegal NWISG11
Boyle / Boyle
any day mid Apr through mid Oct
For this adventure, 4 days biking in south Donegal are spliced onto the 6 routes of the Yeats Country itinerary to produce a tour in which each day’s biking seems to surpass the previous one. You will have trouble choosing your favourite route from this selection! The itinerary is best suited to those who have done a bit of bicycle touring before, who enjoy the challenge of a few hills along the way, and who relish the feeling of being 'out in the wilds'.

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Note : If you would prefer, you can devise your own itinerary based on the route network for this region. Just decide on your start (arrival) date, the trailhead town for your start point and the routes that you would like to follow. Then submit an availability enquiry with this information, and we will confirm availability and price. Alternatively, ask for a phone call, and we will contact you at a convenient time to discuss options.

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