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Mid Wales Self-Guided Bike Touring Itineraries

Tour Nights Rating Start / Finish
Start Dates
Heart of Wales MWSG7 7 B/C Abergavenny / Abergavenny any day mid April thru mid October
This tour takes in the finest landscapes in mid Wales. This itinerary will appeal to riders who enjoy a challenge, and the feeling of exploring wild regions that tourists rarely see.
Mid Wales Extended MWSG10 10 B/C Abergavenny / Abergavenny any day mid April thru mid October
This extends the 7 night Heart of Wales itinerary by 3 nights, adding routes around the Marches and Offas Dyke.

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Note :If you would prefer, you can devise your own itinerary based on the route network for this region. Just decide on your start (arrival) date, the trailhead town for your start point and the routes that you would like to follow. Then submit an availability enquiry with this information, and we will confirm availability and price. Alternatively, ask for a phone call, and we will contact you at a convenient time to discuss options.

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