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Best of the West Tour

10 nights fully guided at under €200 a day

Thursday May 11th


City to City Tour

New for 2017!

10 nights fully guided

Saturday 15th July


Scheduled Self-Guided Tours 2017

Want some company on a self-guided tour? We have scheduled 5 self-guided tours in the West of Ireland for 2017.


Group Tour Schedule 2017

All our group tour departures for 2017.


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There are a host of different factors to be taken into account when trying to decide which tour itinerary or itineraries would be the most suitable for you. Your experience level, fitness, proposed time of travel, duration of vacation, interests, previous trips, travel partner(s), .... the list is endless.

If you are not sure which itinerary or itineraries would be most suitable for you, then a phone call (in our experience) is the best and most expedient way to explore the possibilities. We are happy to call you at a convenient time in order to listen to your requirements and your preferences, to answer your questions and to make suggestions. Please note that we will never try to talk you into signing up for a tour that might not meet your requirements and expectations - this is neither in our interests nor in yours! If we feel that we do not have an itinerary to suit you, then we will tell you so. (In this event we may be able to advise you about other companies that could accommodate you).

If you ask for a call, you will be contacted by Tony Boyd. As the designer of all the Iron Donkey itineraries, Tony is the best person to advise you on the options that will work best for you. A phone call from Tony is a no obligation, no strings attached way to discover if the Iron Donkey can provide you with the trip of your dreams. If you don't ask, you will never know what you might have missed ...

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