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Independent Tours

Independent tours are yet another way to enjoy cycling the great Iron Donkey routes. This option is intended for experienced bicycle tourists who prefer to make all their own arrangements.

On an independent tour you buy into the Iron Donkey research, expertise and contacts, reaping the benefits of our in depth knowledge of the tour regions – knowledge built up over many seasons. Having chosen your region, you use the route network to plan your day-by-day itinerary. We are always happy to advise and help with this. When we receive the outline of your proposed trip, we send you a trip planner, a regional handbook, your chosen routes and an independent tour appendix, which lists details of and contact information for recommended accommodations, bike rental outlets, luggage transfer agents and airport transfer agents. Having decided upon your travel dates, you can then make the necessary reservations and arrangements to put your tour in place.

From the range of recommended accommodations in each trailhead and staging town (in your independent tour appendix), you can book your tour accommodations according to your preferences with regard to facilities, location and classification. In this way you can largely control the overall cost of your tour. While some of the larger towns can offer the full range of accommodation options – from campsites and hostels at one end of the scale to luxury five star hotels at the other - other smaller towns and villages are often more limited in their options.

Independent tours are the most economical way to experience the Iron Donkey routes, but you should bear in mind that this type of tour is unsupported. If you have any doubts about whether you should opt for an independent tour or for the reassurance of the background support that comes with a self-guided itinerary, then we would be happy to call you at a convenient time to talk you through the pros and cons of each!

Regions offering Independent Tours