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About Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring

At the Iron Donkey we believe that the bicycle is a great way – in many instances the best way – to explore your environment while on vacation. Bicycle touring is particularly liberating, and apart from walking, you can’t get any closer to your surroundings. On a bike you can stop and get off whenever and as often as you like - with no worries about parking. Bicycle touring is better for your health and better for the environment.

The idea of a bicycle tour will conjure up different images to different people. There are those to whom a gentle 20 miles on level terrain with lots of en route stops is the ideal day. For others a 40 mile ride with a little bit of challenge here and there is more what they are after. And then there are the hammerheads who want to ride 60 or 70 miles a day with a couple of mountain passes thrown in for good measure!

We can offer you a bike tour whatever your level of biking experience, expertise and ambition. Our ability to offer this degree of flexibility is rooted in our comprehensive knowledge of the regions in which we run our tours. We can advise you on the itinerary that exactly meets your requirements with regard to terrain, riding distance, duration, challenge, sights of interest, accommodations etc. It is also possible to devise an itinerary that caters for both leisure and hardcore riders in the same trip.

Besides a unique degree of flexibility our tours also provide:

  • Biking options to satisfy the diehard, the occasional rider, the enthusiastic novice and the family

    The question of just how much riding to plan for each day of a tour is a tricky one, since there are so many different relevant factors that can come into play - the weather (including wind direction), the terrain, your energy levels, the time you might want to spend at a particular interest site for example. The route option system of the Iron Donkey tours introduces a degree of flexibility that allows you to bike just as far as you want each day - so that you are neither frustrated by too little biking, nor exhausted by too much! The Iron Donkey directions also detail side trips and short cuts that further increase your options.

  • The opportunity to experience the culture and to meet the local people

    A bike tour isn't just about the riding - it is also one of the very best ways to experience the culture and to meet the people. However, without detailed local knowledge you can end up meeting more tourists than inhabitants. By guiding you away from the well-worn tourist trails and tourist traps, an Iron Donkey tour provides a genuine insight into the people and the culture of the region.

  • Ready access to assistance in the event of a problem

    No matter how carefully you prepare, there is always the chance that fate will decide to take a hand and upset your plans. Should a problem arise on an Iron Donkey self-guided tour, help and advice is only a phone call away. Because we operate in our own familiar territory, we are in the best position to come up with answers to any questions and solutions to any problems that might arise. We will give you help and guidance with every aspect of your trip, including advice on getting to the tour trailhead once you have arrived in the country. You can contact us as often as you like in the run-up to your tour, and we will be happy to answer as many questions as you care to ask. If you plan the tour as one part of an extended vacation, we can give you information about travel to and from other regions of the country.

  • Excellent value

    You will find some tours that cost a bit less - and plenty that cost a lot more! However, whichever Iron Donkey itinerary you choose, we doubt that you will find better value for your money!

  • Commitment to service

    Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring is committed to promoting and encouraging bicycle touring as a means of adventure travel. To that end we do everything possible to ensure that your bicycle touring experience is one that will live on in your memory - for all the right reasons.

The Iron Donkey Team


Tony Boyd founded Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring in 1997, with a view to running guided group bike tours in his native Northern Ireland. A teacher in an earlier life, Tony was drawn to bicycle touring from an early age. His numerous trips have included 3 year-long adventures, and it was the experiences during these that prompted him to set up Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring.

For Tony, the personal touch and the flexibility offered by the Iron Donkey are crucial. Tony knows all the Iron Donkey regions intimately, and if you have questions about any aspect of any Iron Donkey region or Itinerary, then he is the one to talk to. If you request a phone call to discuss the options for a tour nine times out of ten it will be Tony that you will be talking to when you pick up the phone.

Tony still enjoys guiding tours during the season but nowadays he concentrates mostly on tour region development, itinerary design, marketing and company Wilmastrategy.



Wilma Heim, a German native, came to Ireland as a student in 1990 – and never left! She considers Ireland as home and is frequently told that she is more Irish than the Irish themselves. Wilma has built up a vast knowledge of the West, Southwest and Northwest of Ireland during the 15 years that she has spent organising and running bicycle tours in these regions.

Wilma joined the Iron Donkey in 2005, and as Ireland Manager she organises and guides all the tours in this part of the world. She herself is an enthusiastic cycle tourist.



USA office

Sheelagh Boyd (Tony’s sister) lives in California, having met her American husband Larry on a bike tour! An Iron Donkey stalwart since the very beginning, Sheelagh mainly deals with the administration side of our European tours – sending out booking forms and invoices, taking payments, emailing trip planners etc.


Northern Ireland

John Trotter is the newest member of our team.  Based in Northern Ireland, John will be dealing with a lot of office administration.  If you book a tour with us, chances are you will have some communication with John.  A keen cyclist and bike mechanic, John also helps out with tours based out of Northern Ireland, and is keen to drive the social media and social responsibility aspects of the business.



United Kingdom

Ian Davis lives in Bristol, a few miles from Bath where the Iron Donkey West of England tours start and finish. Tony’s brother-in-law, Ian has been involved with the Iron Donkey for several years, and has guided on many of the group tours. Ian is passionate about bicycle touring and has spent much of his down time pedalling around the lanes and byways of Wessex and the Cotswolds. If you sign up for a tour in this region, Ian’s smiling face will be the one that welcomes you at the start.



GiovanniGiovanni Ramaccioni, a native of Umbria, is our highly valued Italian operative. Giovanni is passionate about the central Italy region, including Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche. He is a rich vein of information about the countryside, the food, festivals, history, architecture, traditions – in fact just about every aspect of the beautiful environment in which he lives and works. Meeting up with Giovanni will add something a bit special to your Iron Donkey Italian adventure.


Regional partners

Giovanni is one of our highly prized and growing team of regional partners. Each of our partners lives and operates within a specific region – and most work as full time bike tour providers and guides within the region. Finding a suitable regional partner is the first step in the process of adding a new region to the Iron Donkey program. We search out partners that have a detailed knowledge of their region, who are passionate about what their region has to offer and who are committed to working with us to produce wonderful bicycle tour itineraries. We then work together with our partners to develop routes and route networks that fit the Iron Donkey blueprint.

Our regional partners will act as your guides on guided group tours and will provide your background support on self-guided itineraries. You will discover that they all possess a comprehensive and detailed knowledge about all aspects of their region – a knowledge that they are delighted to share with you.